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Wayne's first purpose built race car was this 1934 Ford three window coupe. It had a 296 C.I. flathead and a 3" chop. He won Coupe Class at the first organized drag race at Caddo Mills Dragstrip.

Wayne's second race car was this Model T coupe bodied creation. The frame rails were 3" driveshaft tubing, front axle was Willys, and of course, a 296 cu. in. flathead. Note the plexiglass "cakebox" on the plywood top. This car had no floor boards.

The T Coupe with brother Lewis at the helm. Wayne stands on the rear tire.

The T Coupe later received a roadster body.

Brown Body Shop A Glass Anglia - 1965

Known as the "Turbulent Four," Jack Brown, Wayne Calvert, Tom Madewell, and Bill Neu, terrorized the drag strips of the southwest with this A/GAS Anglia. It ran an injected small block Chevy with a B&M hydro-stick circa 1966.

From left to right: Lewis Calvert, Wayne Calvert, fellow NHRA Hall Of Famer Buddy Anderson, and Marvin Calvert circa 1954. This photo was shot in the shop where Wayne and crew continue to build engines today.

Before the Calvert brothers teamed up to start Calvert Custom Auto, Wayne worked for George Gilmore at Gilmore Engine Service in Denton, TX where they offered balancing and blueprinting services. To promote the business, George used this Ford 2-door Sedan with a Cadillac motor. Wayne built and drove the car.

The car Wayne made his reputation with as a racer and an engine builder was this Model A Ford roadster seen here at the very first NHRA US Nationals in Great Bend, Kansas. He made it to the final four in A Roadster before being out run by eventual winner Leland Kolb in a roadster with a Chrysler Hemi.

Wayne's brother Lewis Calvert (seated atop pickup) and crew member Robert Sturdevant waiting to make a run at the first NHRA US Nationals at Great Bend, KS, 1955.

After the 1955 NHRA US Nationals at Great Bend, KS, Wayne knew the old reliable flathead had to go. Like so many others, Wayne chose the 265 Chevy for his roadster. A wise choice as he continued to dominate the A Roadster class. Seen here at Houston Dragway about 1956-1957.

In 1961, the gas classes were gaining popularity and Wayne built this very rare Willys 2-door Sedan with a GMC blown Olds and a turbo hydro-stick.

Green Valley Raceway in Smithfield, TX 1962. From left to right: NHRA Hall of Fame member Bobby Langley of Scorpion Dragster fame, unidentified crew member, Wayne Calvert, and a 4 year-old Randy Calvert, discuss the days events.

In 1999, Wayne's son Randy built this Camaro to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. With a mild 383 Chevy, the car ran 198.099 mph. From left to right: Randy Calvert, Bonneville record holder Charles Farmer, Wayne, and Marvin Calvert's son Alan Calvert.

Calvert Auto circa 1966.

Wayne Calvert winning at the 1st NHRA Nationals in Great Bend, Kansas - 1955.

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