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Bob Mulvaney drops by in his Shelby Cobra. It has a 427 Ford FE side oiler.

Texas racing legend Ed Mabry and Bonneville racer Ed Stuck drop by for machine work.

Another Shelby Cobra kit car with a very rare Wayne Calvert built 427 Ford Cammer.

Wayne is seen here meeting former NFL quarterback and Top Fuel Drag racer Dan Pastorini at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.

A Shelby G.T. 500 Mustang awaits its Wayne Calvert prepped 428.

Wayne chats it up with drag racing legend Quaquine Arnett at the second California Hot Rod Reunion in '94.

Wayne and Randy meet Mouse Marcellius, half of the Marcellius & Borsch Winged Express Fuel Altered team at the second annual California Hot Rod Reunion.

Discussing "tune-up" at the '94 California Hot Rod Reunion with Olin Davis, Ronnie Ussery, Vance Hunt, and Bill Collins.

Wayne and long time employee Jerry Gibson take a test hop in a boattail Model A Ford speedster before it embarks on the Great American Race with Wayne Calvert prepped engines.

Wes Tarbox of Dallas, TX had Wayne Calvert Engines build a small block Ford for his Mustang.

The small block Ford in Wes Tarbox's Mustang sports a Vortech blower.

In the early 90's, Wayne found this '69 Mustang with a 428 FE. It was used briefly as a test bed.

Not even the shop lawn mower is immune to performance upgrades.

Known as the "Widdle White Wabbit," Buddy Anderson's Fiat Altered won the AHRA Nationals four years straight.

In 2004, Charles Farmer took a drop tank off an airplane, stretched it, and added a Wayne Calvert built 155 c.i. Ford Pinto engine and reset the F/Gas Lakester record at the Bonneville Salt Flats at 198.225 mph.

NHRA Stock Eliminator National event winner Jim Cimarrolli gave Wayne Calvert Engines its first national win in 1996.

Wayne Calvert Engines was responsible for balancing the rotating assemblies in these Triumph engined motorcycles. Shown here are racing legends Ed Mabry, Jon Minonow, and Jack Wilson.

Three time NHRA Stock Eliminator World Champion Kevin Helms used Wayne Calvert Engines for all three of his world championships. Seen here with his wife Gail at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis.

Said Jim, "From the old days of muscle madness, running four abreast for B/Stock wins at Green Valley Raceway, through factory production, Super Stock match racing, Modified Production, and multiple Pro Stock wins to today's current foot brake and stock eliminator demands of dependability and consistency. For every track and national record on land or water for 38 years, I've depended on just any old machine shop I could find to save me a few bucks. WRONG!!! Only Wayne Calvert Precision Engines.

This '69 COPO Nova was bought new by Larry Owens of Owens Automotive in Dallas, TX. Original 4 speed and 396, it has never seen the street! Drag raced since new and always with a Wayne Calvert engine.

Wayne Calvert accepts his award at the 2015 Pistons and Paint Car Show for his '41 Willis.

Wayne celebrates his 85th birthday with Floyd Robertson, Charles Farmer, Lee Capps, & Jack Phillips.

Panel discussion with Wayne Calvert, Randy Calvert, Vance Hunt, Bart Stevens and J.L. Payne among others.

Wayne Calvert stands with Bobby Unser, Johnny Rutherford, Shane Carson and Vance Hunt at the 2017 Racer's Reunion.

Wayne Calvert and Randy Calvert sit with Vance Hunt and J.L. Payne at the 2017 Racer's Reunion.

Wayne Calvert Engines today.

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